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Elevating the choices of seniors and medically inclined persons who want to maintain their independence
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At Comfy Home Care, we provide a home where persons dealing with aging, cognitive problems, and chronic conditions can still live life as they please. With fully-furnished rooms, a wide selection of amenities, and dedicated staff, you can find peace of mind and a happy life.

Moving In

It can be difficult to choose to leave your home to stay in a senior living community like ours. If you feel nervous, uncomfortable, or guilty, know that this step can be good for yourself and your loved ones.

If you are planning to discuss moving out to our assisted living home with your loved one, these tips can make “the talk” easier:

  1. Be prepared. Do your research to provide your loved one with as much information as possible about their senior living options.
  2. Let everyone do their part. Invite family and concerned friends into the discussion and hear what they have to say about such a momentous decision.
  3. Talk when you’re at your best. Choose a moment when you and your family are feeling well.
  4. Have a partner. Ask someone you trust outside the family to join the discussion, like the family doctor, pastor, or family friend.
  5. Listen. Keep your ears and heart open and hear out your loved one’s concerns.
  6. Revisit. Your loved one shouldn’t have to decide in an instant. Let them take their time to think before you take up the conversation at another time.

What Makes Assisted Living Great?

This living service takes the care provided at home a step further. Think of it as an elevated approach to in-home care, where your loved one enjoys the assistance of professionals. They get to go on scheduled trips, fitness programs, and social activities. These allow them to enjoy life at their own pace without worrying too much about their health concerns.

What’s It Like in Our Community?

Our residents are accomplished, cultured, active, and connected. They share their experiences with fellow residents and spend time together with fun, dynamic activities. Every one of them derives a sense of purpose and belonging in each other’s presence.

You or your loved one can join us!

Learn More

Don’t hesitate to talk to our caregivers about moving in. We assure the best possible care for you. To learn more about our services, set an appointment or call 410-246-1995.